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We are the producer, marketer, and exporter of sesame, spices, herbs, cashews, and value-added premium sesame-based products in both organic and conventional forms. With an extensive network of almost 300 farmers island-wide, we source our own high-quality raw materials for exports.

Our Sesame Products

Sri Lanka cultivates a wide range of premium spices, including True Cinnamon, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Pepper, Ceylon Cardamom, Ceylon Cloves, Ginger, Turmeric, Nutmeg & Mace, and Ceylon Vanilla.

White Sesame


Black Sesame

Our Story

Supplying Premium Quality sesame for over 16+ Years

Sakura Products & Export Pvt Ltd. Our Ceylon Sesame cultivation is a traditional practice in Sri Lanka and involves growing sesame plants for their oil-rich seeds. Known for its unique taste and aroma, Ceylon sesame is highly valued for its culinary and medicinal uses. Our farmers carefully select the best sesame seeds and prepare the land for cultivation. With regular irrigation and nutrient management, sesame plants grow and mature in 90 to 120 days. Harvesting is done by hand picking the seeds followed by a drying process. Ceylon sesame cultivation provides farmers with a sustainable and rewarding agricultural opportunity, contributing to the local economy and providing high-quality sesame seeds to consumers around the world.

Premium Quality

Carefully cultivated and processed

Exquisite Flavor

Exceptional taste and distinctive flavor

Rich Aroma

captivating the senses with enticing fragrances

Our Farmlands

Nurturing Farmland Excellence
for Over 16+ Years

Our Contribution

Empowering Rural Communities Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sakura Sesame commenced its journey in 2006 with a government training program focused on rural entrepreneurship. Presently, it stands as an established enterprise that provides direct and indirect support to over 200 individuals in Ratnapura. With more than 90% of our workforce being comprised of rural women, Sakura Sesame stands as a symbol of empowerment. The enterprise employs modern machinery to create hulled Sesame seeds, Sesame oil, Sesame flour, Sesame milk powder, Sesame Milk, Sesame Cookies, traditional Sesame and Finger millet flour, Finger millet Cookies, Finger millet bread, and sweets. In conjunction with our Sakura family groves, we offer other products like Sri Lankan true cinnamon and assorted spices, all sourced from our own group of farmers across the island. Sakura Sesame is dedicated to generating employment prospects for rural women, while responsibly sourcing from environmental-conscious farmers. Our focus on export-quality goods contributes to the economic advancement of Sri Lanka. The enterprise also runs an employee welfare society and extends scholarships to students in need.

Our Story

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